An artist I know once mentioned that she was seeking the artisinal life. I loved the phrase and began thinking about what it means.

For the most part, this is what I write about and ponder most days. For me, artisinal living means tending some land, making art, caring for some animals, making thoughtful food, and following a creative muse in all of these things.

I am a visual artist and art director living in rural Vermont with my husband and daughter, one enormous cat, several lambs, and six chickens. Each year we chip away more sod to increase the gardens, add an animal shelter or fence, and see what bounty we can bring forth from this hillside that we tend.

I work for a fine art publisher called Wild Apple, sew with a collective of creative friends called Henhouse Fibers and ilocollective, and paint, draw, photograph, write, plant, and cook up as much magic as I can.

A galvanizing moment in England got me started in the pursuit of a more creative life. Read about that moment here {The Bell Struck}…

Sue Schlabach
from a west facing hill in central Vermont

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