This morning I woke to wish R a happy 22nd anniversary.

We celebrated last night, since today would take on the non-reality that days do when you prepare to travel.

We shared a nice breakfast together and then he took off on a long rugged bike ride. L got up and played with her many toy horses, and I—well—I cleaned out the chicken house.

You may think I spend all my time mucking barns after my lamb post last week. I probably should spend more time mucking (I thought to myself as I scooped the wheelbarrow full from our little hen house). The hens were gathered around watching me. I had clucking commentators.

All around I noted the tangle of my gardens, growing wildly out of my control. The hydrangeas are tinging pink, and the woodbine is getting its first kisses of  red at the edges. The hop blooms are shaking their beer-fragrant pollen around the patio. When I return the steps toward autumn will be more pronounced.

A few hours and several other unsavory chores later, I got to packing in earnest: checking my many lists, moving piles around. Eying my luggage dubiously and wondering how I’d make it all fit.

Such is my life at times. One moment in the wellies, and the next picking out clothes and shoes that are suitable for urban Europe. No complaints, just acknowledging the inconsistencies and surprises that life brings. And when you face a 22nd anniversary it’s nice to rewind the years and think of the things, places, events and people that brought you to this place where you look down and see your feet in mucky boots one day and kicky little black flats the next.

Just before the leaving the ache of love can be so strong and powerful. Our family lunch made me miss R and L, before I’d even left.

Then back to the packing—but now making the decisions of what was essential and what could be left behind.

Highway miles are flying by my window as the first leg of the trip begins from Vermont to Boston. Then on to Heathrow tonight and a much anticipated time in London. Later Paris.

Already anticipating the first cup of strong tea.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. beatrix mana
    Sep 01, 2012 @ 20:22:20

    Pray you are safe and a wonderful adventure.


  2. katemgeorge
    Sep 01, 2012 @ 22:24:30

    Have a wonderful time on your travels. Try not to fret about home too much.


  3. Barbara Bamber | justasmidgen
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 12:24:31

    Have a wonderful trip.. I’ve missed being here and am catching up. Enjoy and we’ll wait for you to come home:)


  4. Britta
    Sep 22, 2012 @ 10:58:22

    Belated happy 22nd anniversary to you and R !!!



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