Cosy Nook, Dreaming of Sweden

This room makes me want to pull out my Carl Larsson books and dream of Sweden where the sun is barely setting as we approach the longest day of the year. I’m thinking of tall wildflower meadows and country lanes from the rural Swedish setting of the movie Under the Sun. So good I’ve seen it twice.

Today was the last day of school. Oh the possibilities. It’s actually a little cool and overcast, so this cosy nook is all the more appealing.

I thought this was a fairly ingenious part of a living space. It looks equally inviting for summer or winter. I think you’d be fighting the family pets for a spot among those pillows. And a kid with a book who is just finished with school until September.

Found on bhg. {That’s the new millenium way to say Better Homes and Gardens, which makes us all think of Betty White and waiting for Mom at the hairdressers.}

See another gorgeous sleeping nook here and a bed in the branches here. Sweet dreaming.


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