Natural Christmas

I put myself on the most confounded mailing lists.

And today I received this invitation to attend a Natural Christmas workshop in Australia, using the bounty of the summer garden to decorate for Christmas.

Well, no summer garden in sight here.

Still, the beauty of this photograph has the spare simplicity of the late fall landscape here in Vermont, where we’ve had an unlikely Indian Summer this November. The trees are bare, but the grass still holds the spark of warmth in its hues of greens and golds. The grasses tumble and roll at the edges of fields. The flood flats are greening between the islands of deep silt. The morning frost melts away each day to blue skies, and I keep bracing for the bitter cold we often have this time of year.

I think it’s coming tomorrow.

Then things might resemble the next photo, received from the Pennsylvania garden shop, Terrain. Someday I will visit this place when I go to visit my in-laws.

They show interesting ways to make winter terrariums. This is on my shortlist to try.

Before dark I plan to get outside and gather some moss, pinecones, branches, vines and twigs and start thinking of ways to make a Natural Christmas from my winter landscape.

If you are closer to Australia than I, perhaps you want to further investigate the marvelous looking Natural Christmas workshop, hosted at Glemore House with Australian Stylist Sibella Court (who is also the author of many lovely books—Nomad and etc among them).

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  1. Erin
    Nov 23, 2011 @ 11:09:05

    Sue –
    Very timely! Last week we gathered red osier dogwood and cedar twigs. I’m hoping today to get them into a planter of wet soil. The trick is figuring out where to put the planter so it’s not lost under snow, blown in by the tractor or shovelled off the deck. Also it must be safe from gale force wind whipping across the meadow. Do bungee cords come in holiday hues? Wish me luck! – E



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