Plates, Cups, and Teapots, Oh My

I was tickled to find a Limoges plate in a thrift store a few weeks ago and rigged it up on my green kitchen wall with a few curls and twists of wire. And one shelf down in the same shop was a white midcentury Arabia Finnish teapot—potbellied and jolly with a streamlined lid. This teapot beckoned to me like a mermaid to a weary sailor. It makes a generous pot of tea for four.

I do love old plates, cups and teapots—one of many inheritances from my mother, who has a brimming collection of family china with many additions found in London charity shops and a few favorite thrift store haunts in Pennsylvania.

This photograph caught my eye in VTWonen, a Dutch interiors magazine. Truly old meets new. That orangey-red shelf is a light source all by itself. Who knew painted plywood could look so good.

Styling: Fietje Bruijn
Fotografie: Dennis Brandsma


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