Asleep Beneath the Branches

I know this guy David and it’s a story for another day how I met him. I’ll just say that we were flung together as strangers at a breakfast table and the subject of Ireland came up. We were off and running.

So feast your eyes on the enchanting bed chamber David just finished for his 9 year old daughter. Today the rain and winds of Hurricane Irene are howling outside my window, and I wish I could crawl into this bed, draw the curtains, and read Wuthering Heights.

A quick background on David Petrie: In 2010 he wrote an inspired and entertaining blog about parenting called Daddy’s Home which led to his invitation to write about parenting for the Huffington Post. To read these great columns go here. The man can weave great stories and lessons and I’ve learned a lot from reading his writings. I’ve laughed loud enough to snort and once I cried. That’s talent for you.

AND now you see that he is rather talented in other ways. He loved my post about the Falling Garden, and we had a few email exchanges about making things from branches and twigs after that.

Here is the lovely result of the woodland bedroom his daughter asked for. He made the bed from Sumac trees that are plentiful in southern Vermont and easily stripped of their bark when the wood is green. He contemplated birch trees, but heard that they make a mess indoors as they start losing their paper bark. He plans to apply tung oil to the wood after it has seasoned a bit more.

The bed is a futon platform with a new bed mattress on top. The tree supports attach at the ceiling so that the bed can be easily pulled out to change the sheets.

I love that detail.

Beauty is one thing, but if you are struggling each time to change the sheets your sublime woodland bedroom won’t be nearly so soothing.

Finally, the birds, leaves and trees on the walls are French wall decals sourced through the English shop Zazous. I think the placement is truly inspired.

Another post you may like about a cozy bed nook is here.

All photos by David Petrie.

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