Shop News—Hand-Printed Floursack Dishtowels

10 possible uses for a groovy ilo collective hand-printed dishtowel—

1. towel (well that’s sort of obvious…)
2. wrap a gift (place gift in center. bring in two opposing corners and tie. bring in last two corners and tie. presto! great gift.
3. table runner
4. café curtains (add clip hangers and you’re good to go)
5. napkin
7. placemat
8. dress up for kiddos (hair bandana, wrap skirt, shawl)
9. hobo sack (just add stick)
10. bib

…and we think you’ll find more uses, won’t you?

Denise and I have been wanting to do some handprinted textiles for some time.

We finally had a few productive days a few weeks ago with these floursack dishtowels. These are the types of towels our grandmothers used. Highly absorbent cotton toweling is like the fabric used to make floursacks in the days before flour was stored in paper.

We sourced 30×36″ floursack dishtowels made in the US and hand-printed them with a variety of designs that are homey and slightly Scandinavian in style. I hand cut the blocks and we printed up a storm. Denise has a great eye for color and layout and many of these beauties I can attribute to her great design sense. They are a true artistic collaboration.

They are sold singly for $10, or in sets of three for $24 and you choose your three favorite patterns.

See all the towels on the ilo collective/henhouse shop.


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