A Well Spent Hour

I was left with an hour on my hands this afternoon. My daughter and her friend had gone to the woods to play, and I finally had the proper wood screws, the drill, and the time to replace some long-loathed drawer pulls in my kitchen.

Between the kitchen range and the fridge is our only set of kitchen drawers—a simple narrow four drawer-unit with chunky handmade wood handles that I’ve hated for 13 years. Too square. Sticky from years of use. No amount of ammonia seemed to clean them up.

Over the years I’ve looked for new handles. But the space between the holes in the drawers is 4″ apart and I never found handles that fit that measurement and also fit my aesthetic sensibility.

I finally found three cast iron vintage pulls at the Brooklyn Flea in March that fit the unusual size. And a fourth is actually part of a door clasp that I found at Building Character during our trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a few weeks ago. I designed some cards for the pulls with French bills of sale I bought at a favorite shop in Paris called Au Petit Bonheur la Chance (beautifully photographed here by Nichole of Little Brown Pen, who just so happens to be from Lancaster) and some stamps I designed for a project at work.

It always surprises me that an hour of work can bring about such a positive change. I already look forward to setting the table so I can pull open the silverware drawer and admire my little bit of handiwork and remember moments in Brooklyn, Lancaster, and Paris.

Building Character, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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  1. gloriadelia
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 12:33:24

    A good reminder, an hour well spent… Those words have been echoing in my thoughts since I read them, coincidentally, an hour ago. Just now getting back to comment. Really glad I discovered your blog. I’ve been reading up on Bloomsbury. An hour well spent.🙂



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