Euphorbia Euphoria

This spring evening pulled out all the stops. Golden fingers of sunlight pierced the shadows and crept across the fresh cut lawn and the tall meadow grasses.

We have four new lambs in the meadow who arrived on Sunday, and nothing says spring like frolicking lambs. The scent of apple blossoms is nearly strong enough to taste. The bees are busy. The cat is happy.

The kitchen garden is sprouting new things daily. There is fresh asparagus on the table.

The perennial garden is starting to flourish, but with the tulips passing, the colorful shows are yet to come. What I do love in the spring garden is the fluffy yellow tops of Euphorbia lighting up the path edges and holding court until iris, peonies and lupines take over. Euphorbia is a happy word and more lovely than the common name of one variety I grow: cushion spurge. That name more resembles something growing on a kitchen sponge. So Euphorbia it is. This one, Euphorbia polychroma in a rounded ball that turns a lovely shade of red in the fall, and it stays politely in place where you plant it. I have divided my initial plant many times and now have this spring beauty tucked into places around the garden where a dark backdrop shows off its electric hue.

The second Euphorbia in my garden, E. erythrina, likes to exert itself a bit more. Each spring I clear it from my stone steps and pathways and leave it in a few new places of serendipity. Its color veers toward lime green (oh how I love lime green!) and as the summer progresses, this Euphorbia’s fluffy tops stay fresh and blooming and provide great company for the waves of magenta, plum, blue and red of June, July and August. By September it will also turn to russet hues.

Today I noticed the first giant allium starting to open. This is Allium purple sensation. Lime green and fuchsia-tinged purple side by side. Sensational indeed.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sue
    May 26, 2011 @ 09:14:23

    Oh, my – I do wish I could visit. It sounds glorious!
    Happy spring!




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