Celebrate May at Henhouse Fibers and ilo

With not much fanfare, we friends who comprise Henhouse Fibers and ilo, started an on-line shop for our handmade or re-imagined wares.

This is as close as I’ve come to a grand opening announcement, but it’s spring and the daffodils are blooming. The grass is green, and the twilight is gloaming. Plus, one of my chickens laid a miniature egg today—about a third of the size of a normal egg. So something is in the air. So grand opening announcements are in order.

Messenger Bag, by Denise of ilo, Apron by Brenda of Henhouse Fibers

I have a page about Henhouse Fibers here, but ilo is a new introduction. My friend Denise Hershey and I are designing a few things together, but much of the ilo line is pure Denise.

I taught Denise how to sew a zipper back in October and she’s never looked back. Now she’s making the coolest messenger bags I’ve ever laid eyes on and a whole assortment of other textile goodies. Together we make cards and other paper items (none offered in the shop yet, but coming soon).

Meanwhile Brenda, a fellow member of Henhouse Fibers,  is digging into her grandmother’s vintage ticking and other vintage fabrics from the family farm to make creative aprons and pillows. You’ll find these aprons, home accessories, clothing, stationery goods and some vintage items. More appearing on a weekly basis….

Since we’re a bit giddy to try out new things, Denise decided to make a coupon today and we’re offering 15% off of purchases made during this first week of May.

Use coupon code MAY2011A15 at checkout. Visit the shop.

What surprises did May 2 offer up for you? I’d love to here about them!

A Damask Pouch I made for Henhouse Fibers. The blue button and green ribbon on the clasp came from the Montréal trip.


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