Every Commoner Should Have a Teacup Hat

As promised, here is the hat I spent Friday constructing for a birthday/Royal Wedding party on Friday night. A little intro to why I’d make a hat here.

Ta da.

And you’ll see I won a prize—a Union Jack Emma Bridgewater teapot.

Laurie (the birthday girl and princess in residence) puts on a great party. And when she asks her guests to wear hats, they listen. There were many creative and interesting hats on show including a diminutive thimble hat, a hat adorned with a flying monkey, assorted flower covered hats, and many with grandiose feathers. Food and drink were fit for a king—or an eventual heir to the throne.

If you want to make a sculptural hat, you too can employ the things you learned about paper maché in kindergarten! Here is the skinny on how I did it, more or less.

I used a large blue bowl as a form for the cup. I covered it in plastic wrap and then used many layers of white tissue paper and white office paper, ripped and dipped in white glue/water mixture. I coated the bowl with about three or four layers of paper. For the saucer/brim I used a big floppy garden hat as a form and covered it with plastic wrap. Then I coated the brim with the glue papers (just the brim). Since the hat fits me well I knew that the hole left in the brim of the paper maché hat would fit my head. I sized the hole in the bottom of the teacup to this hole and that worked perfectly for sizing.

I did all of this on Thursday night so it could dry overnight and decorated the parts on Friday.

The cup handle was layers of glue and tissue paper wrapped around wire. I bent the wire in the handle shape while it was wet and left plenty of wire on each end so I could pierce the side of the cup and loop the extra wire inside the cup to hold it in place.

The Union Jack design on the bottom of the saucer was made with pieces of colored tissue applied with glue. The gold designs on the cup were handpainted with acrylic metallic paint.

The book cover The Anglo Files by Sarah Lyall inspired the image of Queen Elizabeth popping out of the top of the cup. I cut a circle of cardboard and put brown kraft paper on it to place in the top of the cup as the tea itself.

I used red dotted ribbon for the teabag string and made the teabag tag from the Union Jack printed from an image found online.

I hand sewed twill tape to the inside of the cup and to the inside hole of the saucer/hat brim. Then I sewed the cup twill tape to the saucer twill tape to combine the two into one large teacup hat. This also gave the space that would fit around my head a finished look.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. vtbee
    Apr 30, 2011 @ 23:16:41

    fabulous! i LOVE it!!!


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