Emerald Green and a Thousand Others

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Yesterday I burned some turf in my studio woodstove and caught a massive Irish vibe that I haven’t shaken (nor wish to). I have a deep and abiding love for Ireland and the scent of turf fire evokes many memories of travels in Connemara (Galway), Mayo, Kerry and Cork. Wishing you a bit of green happiness today.

Ventry, Co. Kerry, Ireland. www.129twigandvine.com

Letterfrack, Co. Galway, Ireland www.129twigandvine.comBicycle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.  www.129twigandvine.comIrish Cottage. www.129twigandvine.com

Iveragh Peninsula, Ireland.  www.129twigandvine.com

Co. Kerry Ireland.  www.129twigandvine.comIveragh Beach, Ireland.  www.129twigandvine.com

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  1. David Petrie
    Mar 17, 2011 @ 09:41:55

    I spent a month-long honeymoon in Ireland — part of the time reuniting with a grand aunt and grand uncle as well as countless cousins and the rest of the time learning why James Joyce yearned for Galway and the Aran Islands.

    I always tell people I was genetically designed to be digging peat. When we were there they were trying to eradicate rhododendrons, so if the peat stoves weren’t going the air was stilled filled with very fragrant air as workers slashed and burned huge, blooming bushes.

    If you go again travel to the Skellig Rocks off of Dingle. Simply amazing and surrounded by puffins. If I could click my heels and go anywhere today I’d choose there.

    Thank you for calling this to mind so quickly on what has been an otherwise hectic morning.


  2. suzannebrandsen
    Mar 17, 2011 @ 11:11:00

    Wow, just found your blog by searching wordpress on “travel” .. & these photos are gorgeous! I would love to do a better job of photography on my blog someday.. It’s a goal I’m just getting started on.

    Thanks for the inspiration! P.S. My fav is the bike with the white wall & red window. Beautiful!


  3. themknits
    Mar 12, 2013 @ 18:39:35

    Would you mind if I share this post and link your images over on my blog ThemKnits? So inspiring and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!


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