Rustic Wood

Rustic wood is so beautiful, especially in the light of early winter. Whether gray with exposure and age, bleached by the sun, or mellow and golden in patina, I never tire of looking at the many ways wood reveals its beauty in rustic or finished designs.

Years ago, on a trip to the English Cotswolds, we bought a book about building and designing with green wood. The technique is called bodging, and those who practice are bodgers. We grasped onto that word and flung it around in sentences whenever we could. Let’s bodger this. We could bodger that.

More than 10 years later we still use the word in our daily lexicon, though our wood working is primarily played out in creating piles of firewood by the studio for seasoning through the year, and by the door where we can easily reach it for our daily fires. Even the triangle and round ends of the stacked woodpile are beautiful as the pieces show off their age rings and slowly crack as they dry.

These tools, cutting boards and decorations are handmade by Italian artist Andrea Brugi and Danish artist Samina Langholz in their Tuscan workshop and illustrate all that I love about rustic wood.

All photographs by Ditte Isager. See her magical photos of beds in trees here.

Found in Coté Sud, Dec 2011/Jan 2012.


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